99% DOWN

Book 1 of The Solution Series

Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Category: NEW ADULT

"99% DOWN" proves a genuine gem...

delivering a post-apocalypse chiller that’s not only refreshingly original and intelligent but resonates with haunting somberness."

-BookViral Reviews

"This novel kept me on the edge

of my seat and bombarded me with one surprise after another."

-Scott M. Baker, author of the Nurse Alissa vs. The Zombies series



Technically, I guess it isn’t over yet, because I’m still here.

My dad used to say we were the lucky ones, and I believed him.

We had survived the ‘solution.' A vaccine the government had created and given us no chance to refuse. A drug that ultimately mutated and eliminated 99% of the population. The world might not have ended, but most of us that are left wish it had.

My name is Rowan Keys.

I had a family once, but now, it’s just me.

My dad said we were the lucky ones. That wasn’t true.

I’m just part of the 1% left waiting to die.


In the year 2067, the United States has been overrun with mutated creatures, and what's left of the human race is dwindling.

A product of doomsday preppers, Rowan Keys is more than happy to survive the end of the world with her parents and sisters. After all, they did the impossible--- they'd avoided the 'solution', the very drug that was supposed to prevent annihilation in the oncoming Third World War, and had instead mutated or eliminated 99% of the population.

They have plenty of food and weapons, and their family is their fortress. Other than the occasional monster slipping through their defenses, they have nothing to worry about.

That is, until a group of strangers burst into her life and destroy it all, leaving Rowan alone.

Believing her family gone, Rowan sets off into the devastated world with nowhere to go but forward-- only to realize that going forward takes her face-to-face with the people who ruined her life: a criminal gang in the heart of a monster-infested San Antonio.

As it turns out, not all of her family is dead, but with secretive allies like Asher Collins, ruthless enemies, and almost no hope of escape, trying to keep them alive won't be easy. 

In her fight for survival amid monsters and killers, Rowan and her family become tangled in the dark reality of the apocalypse. 

Either the cost of living will be their freedom, or the price of freedom will be their lives.

Forewarning: This book contains depictions of graphic violence, sexual situations, and mentions of suicide.