Is "99% Down" based on COVID-19?

Nope! I finished the edited draft of 99% Down in early February of 2020— right before COVID started.

Is "Activated" part of The Solution Series?

"Activated" is not part of The Solution Series. It's the first book in The Genesis Trilogy, which— like The Solution Series —is still ongoing.

How old were you when you published your first book?

I finished and published "Activated: A Genesis Novel" when I was 16!

What inspires your writing?

Music always helps me get in the mood to write certain scenes- (sad music=sad scenes, etc.) I even have a few scenes planned out, beat for beat, to certain songs. I might even make a playlist for them... 

What made you want to be an author?

I was heavily encouraged to write by my English teachers throughout junior and high school, and a few of them actually became my Beta readers!

Why is the link for "Activated" unavailable?

My team and I have been having issues with "Activated" and some of the technicalities involved in publishing, promotion, and payments. A new edition of "Activated" as well as a new link will be available again, but at the moment, there is no date in mind for when that will be.