Book 2 of The Solution Series

Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Category: ADULT

"99% DOWN" was an unforgettable masterpiece,

and 01% FALLING follows the same frenzied, page turning style. A legend in series writing is born!"

-Danny Marvin, author of Dirty Mary: 5-star award winner & American Vengeance screenplay nominee for Action and Adventure

"A highly entertaining Dystopian Science Fiction Thriller 

that raises high expectations for future releases."

-BookViral Reviews


Technically, I guess it isn’t over yet, because I’m still here.

It’s been over two years since the government forced the ‘solution’ upon our war-torn world. A solution that I helped create. A drug that ultimately mutated and eliminated 99% of the population, forcing us to live behind the sanctuary’s walls.

They told me I was one of the lucky ones— part of the 1% that survived —but I never believed that.

My name is Asher Collins. My family was taken from me, my sanity was stolen, and my hope… My hope died a while ago. They said I was one of the lucky ones, but that was never true. I’m just part of the 1% left waiting to die.

Because now, the monsters aren’t outside the walls.

They’re within us.


Everyone knows the United States government released the solution and doomed the human race. Everyone knows that 99% of the population is either dead or mutated into cannibalistic nightmares. 

No one knows that Asher Collins caused all of it.

Now, after two years of imprisonment in San Antonio, his only hope of protecting his family in the aftermath of the apocalypse is the Austin sanctuary. Within the walls, they'll finally be safe, and Asher can learn to live with the haunting shadows of his past.

Unfortunately, the sanctuary isn't the haven he was promised. When a mistake becomes a crime and puts his friends in danger of exile, Asher takes the fall. Once again, he's cast into the desolate cityscape, now with a target on his back.

Not only is he on a suicide mission and being hunted by the monstrous remnants of humanity-— he's also stuck with the one person who seems determined to pry his secrets out of the past: Rowan Keys.

If they can't find their ticket back into the sanctuary, she'll be another death on his shredded conscience. Or worse, she'll learn exactly how he ended the world and leave him at the mercy of the wasteland. Either way, he'll be alone again, and he would rather die than face that.

Secrets don't make for a stable partnership, but they're all the other has.

Either they learn to trust each other, or the apocalypse will claim them both.

Forewarning: This book contains depictions of graphic violence, sexual situations, and mentions of suicide.